Save your life
Mimri is a platform for saving
your memories and controlling who sees them.

About Us

Mimri is a simple yet profound application for saving memories and controlling who sees them. Unlike traditional social networks, interactions on mimri are limited to your friends - those that share reciprocal following.

Mimri is your place to save, access, and share memories in your life. mimri doesn't just take your content and keep it as others do - instead, you're able to store memories and freely download them as you please.

Swipe through memories in the form of cards. Instead of a never-ending timeline, you're only shown cards you haven't discarded.

Mimri was Founded by CEO Brian Evans and CTO Alex Yurkowski with the goal of challenging the convention that social media needs to be shallow and vain. As a company, we believe we're iconoclasts called to change the standards of social media.

In mainstream social networks, people become obsessed with numbers of followers, views, and likes. Mimri takes a different approach. To foster genuine and authentic capturing, numbers are never shown to the public. Only you can see how many followers and views you have. Get rid of egos and what's left is authenticity.

Mimri aims to provide a place to save your world through your eyes, in an organized and controlled manner.

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